Think You Need A Bail Bondsman For Someone Close To You? What To Know Ahead Of Time

Posted on: 12 October 2018


If someone close to you has landed in jail, you are wondering what bail will be, and if you will be able to get them out, there are some things that you want to know. Here are the things to take into consideration to see if you can get the bondsman to post bail so you can get the person out fast.

Crime and Likelihood of Bail

The crime that was committed will have a big impact on if the judge is willing to set bail, and if the person will be allowed to leave. If the accused is facing charges that involve murder, aggressive assault, a felony worth crime or something else that is very severe, the judge may not let them have bail because they are afraid that the person will run. Consider if they will get bail or not before deciding if it's worth investing the time to find a bondsman.

Eligibility to Get Approved

Not everyone can get approved by a bondsman to borrow money for bail. There are financial requirements, just like any other type of loan or financial transaction. Some of the things the bondsman will look for include:

  • Good to great credit score
  • Not current past due payments
  • Ability to put down the 10 percent of the bail
  • Proof of employment or benefits

These are the things that will show the bondsman you are able to pay if the person skips out, and then you are stuck with the bail money they set.

Using Assets

If your current financial state has the bondsman denying you the bail amount, you may have to put one of your assets on the line. You can use a car, house, or another asset that has enough equity built into it, to use collateral to get the bond you need.

Talk with a lawyer about the case as well. If the lawyer thinks that the person could be released when they go through their arraignment, then it may not be worth the time and money to get them bailed out. The time they are sitting may be applied to their sentence. If you know that you may need to come up with the money for bail, start working with a bail bondsman right away so you can find out if you can get approved, or if you will have to reach out to someone else for help.

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