Bail And Traffic Arrests: What To Know

Posted on: 3 June 2022


Bail is one of those issues that many people associate with serious and violent crimes. While bail can help get defendants charged with many awful crimes out of jail, it can also be used for less serious offenses like traffic violations. Read on and find out more.

Serious Driving Violations

In many cases, those stopped for speeding or failure to stop at a red light will be ticketed at the scene. The citation instructs the offender to pay the fine or appear in court and fight the charges. However, some traffic violations will mean an arrest.

Reckless Driving

This can be one of the most serious of traffic offenses because it involves driving at high speeds and endangering others on the road. In many states, those driving above the speed limit by a certain number of miles per hour will be arrested for reckless driving for that issue alone.

Driving Under the Influence

Whether it's alcohol or other substances, this offence usually results in an arrest. You can even be arrested for taking legally prescribed medications if they impair your driving. Law enforcement use various means of identifying drivers under the influence. However, many of these charges can be beat with a good defense lawyer. You should be bailed out to plan a case against these charges, however.

Illegally Using a Vehicle

This offence often applies to those who take someone else's vehicle without permission. It's a somewhat less serious offense than theft but defendants are often still jailed. The main difference in this offense and theft is that the defendant did not intend to take the vehicle permanently.

Bail and Traffic Arrests

Those arrested for the above offences may be surprised to find themselves in jail. However, almost all the above violations will result in being offered bail. Only in cases of a death occurring could the defendant be denied bail. If you are eligible for bail, then you can save some money by using a bail bonding service instead of paying the court.

Bail Bonds and Traffic Arrests

Bail bonds are offered by nearby businesses. They can get you out of jail for a small percentage of the bail charged by the court. Phone a bail bonding agent and find out how much less expensive a bail bond can be, and you could be out of jail in a few hours. Don't allow a traffic arrest to stop you from working at your job, being with your family, and planning how to fight your charges. Speak to a bail bonding agent today.

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